Sector focus (fields of Expertise)


      Banking & Insurance, De-/Regulation, IAS, Capital Markets

      Customs & Boarder Management

      De-/Centralisation (Local Government level PAR)

      Energy & related Laws

      Environment incl. Waste Mgmt. etc.

      Human Rights, Data Protection, Minorities

      Judiciary Reform

      Open Market - incl. Competition, IPO, WTO

      Privatisation and SME

      Public Administration (central /governmental) Reform

      Public Finance – Budget, Tax, Treasury

      Public Procurement & State Audit

      Public Uilities, Concessions, State Aid

      Structural Funds / Regional Development



      Business Process (Re-)Engineering

      Human Resource development / general

      Institution Building

      Legal Approximation incl. Legal Drafting

      Organisation and IT Support

      PCM & Pogram Development & Management

      Regulatory and Impact Assessment

      SME, Mergers & Acquisitions Policy

      Training and ToT /specific