Mission & Legal Status

Mission & Legal Status

Statutes of Association under consideration of the Austrian Law on Incorporated Societies 2002 (Version 02. May 2003)

§ 1: Name, seat and field of activity

(1) Name of the Association: „Zentrum für neue Verwaltung“ am Institut für Öffentliches Recht, Finanzrecht und Politikwissenschaft an der Universität Innsbruck (Centre for Public Reform)“.
(2) Seat is of the Association is Innsbruck. The field of activity is Austria (Österreich).
(3) The installation of branches of the Association is intended.

§ 2: Objective

The activities of the Association are not directed on gaining profit. The purpose of activities is the conception of practical orientated strategies for the reform of Public Administration, the professional preparation of harmonisation related to the enlargement of the EU, the conception of practical orientated training programmes for students and members of the University, the support and dispatch of experts in the framework of national and international support programmes.

§ 3: Methods to reach the objectives of the Association

(1) The objectives of the Association shall be reached by the use of the ideal and material means of §. 2 und 3.

(2) Ideal means:

a) Networking with other institutions in Austria and foreign countries (Federal Institutions, Local institutions, Chambers, Research Institutes);
b) Contribution to seminars and workshops;
c) Publicising, Lectures;
d) Support to project tendering;
e) Exchange of experience and support of EU-Experts within the framework of the Institute.

(3) The necessary material means shall be provided by

a) Adherence fees and Membership fees;
b) Proceeds provided by participating in EU-Projects;
c) Subsidies.