About us

About us

Centre for Public Reform (CPR)


The Centre for Public Reform (Zentrum für neue Verwaltung) is a non-profit Association established at the Institute for Public Law, State- and Administrative Science of the University of Innsbruck. The University is strongly focussed on international and community law and besides this is e.g. also teaching Italian Law. The Institute and its lead experts is one of the "Think Tanks” for Public Administration Reform – an ongoing issue within the EU member states and a major challenge for the reform countries.

Based on a long-term cooperation of national and international experts affiliated with the Institute and having long-term track record in institution building and transposition projects in the Candidate countries and other CEE and SEE states, the idea was born to built on these assets. Thus the CPR was founded and legally established in January 2003. At that time it consisted of15 founding members, a number which is growing on a quarterly basis.

The purpose of the CPR is obviously bi-directional – to provide practical feedback from field- and implementation experience to the academic program of the University as well as to turn around the principles and programs developed by the Institute for practical implementation in the reform countries and member states. This ‘cross fertilisation’ is the core target of the CPR. Several of its expert members are in parallel professors or lectors at the University of Innsbruck and other European Universities. Cooperation programs with many Universities and institutes are already established at the Institute. Lately CPR was a main actor in the establishment of the ‚Institute  for European Studies‘ at the Tbilisi State University.

The Areas of Activities and Skills are:

· Legal Approximation incl. Legal Drafting Skills;

· Regulatory and Impact Assessment;

· Institution Building, incl. regulatory bodies, agencies..;

· Business Process (Re-) Engineering;

· Human Resource development / in general;

· Training and ‘Training of Trainers’ (ToT) /specific;

· Organisation and IT Support;

· Program Development and Project Management (incl. Twinning, budget support, PRAG etc);

. Procurement and Development, Evaluation and Monitoring of Tenders;

in Operational Sectors, such as:

  • General Public Administration – De-/Centralisation, Local Government;
  • Open Market / general - Competition, State Aid, Procurement, Concessions, Intellectual Property rights, WTO Accession;
  • Open Market / specific – Services of General Economic Interest & Public Utilities (energy, transport, telecom, water, waste..), De-/Regulation; 
  • Judiciary Reform & Administrative Procedures;
  • Human Rights, Data Protection;
  • Public Finance – Treasury, Budget, Tax, Customs..;

While CPR as per today has already accumulated a respactable implementation track record (see also project references), most of its members have +10 years of proven in country experience related to the a.m. sectors and activities. CPR is built on the principles of trust, transparency and collegiality and as such can provide teams that have long lasting, successful working and implementation relations – a main factor for delivering professional project outputs and results.

Based on its status CPR is also co-operating in Twinning Projects in the field of Institution Building and Public Reforms and is looking forward to strong partnerships in consortia for forthcoming tenders and projects.

Innsbruck, in September 2012


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